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Unlike the man in the image above when you venture online you are by no means alone. Thousands of new websites appear on the web everyday, hundreds of thousands more are improving their SEO as you read this. When venturing into the online world or improving your presence the creation of a new website is only step one. SEO is the holy grail of online return on investment.

At Metrix we work closely with both customers and industry experts alike to ensure what we offer in the way of web packages and SEO is in line with the latest search engine algorithms.


Web Design

At Metrix we focus on providing flawless user experience. Our team work closely with the customer to get a detailed understanding of the brief, then advise on the design areas critical to meeting the clients KPI's and finally building a template that will then be signed off on before we head into the final build. 

As content creators we can also populate your website. This is probably the most difficult aspect for any SME, having someone take the time to write content, good content and being sure to get the right message across. Metrix are happy to talk to you about your content needs.


Including the design and build we work with top quality software providers like Hotjar to assist in the testing phase to ensure you are getting the results you want from your newly purchased website. We can perform analysis on the site to ensure the layout is getting traction with your target demographic.

When considering a new or updated site is is important to have a clear plan or objective for the finished product. Are you looking to create an online business card, an e commerce store, a platform to aid consumers in their decision making or a combination of all? 

The various options above differ greatly in complexity and cost, along with general upkeep and the work needed to gain traction, at Metrix we will always be up front and honest about costs and the opportunities you have with the site.

Search Engine Optimisation is what makes your site worthwhile. Its what drives it up the search engine ranking and launches you into a power position in your market.

SEO is a complicated task and requires constant work to really see the benefits, anyone who promises over night success will fall short. Our team here at Metrix will create a long-term plan with actionable and measurable KPI's to push your site up the rankings.

As a rule of thumb SEO will end up costing a similar amount than your entire website build. This should be spread across a period but if done correctly the return on investment is 10 fold or more. 


See below for a rough info-graphic of the basic plan Metrix follows to deliver SEO results.