So Why Would I Consider Outsourcing My Marketing?

At Metrix Marketing our goal is to improve revenue streams for our customers through targeted, measurable and cost effective marketing. To do this we either become the marketing team for our customer or we add some horsepower to what’s currently there.

A question were asked quite regularly is why, why outsource your marketing.

Well firstly because it usually works out cheaper, which is always a positive. Then consider the range of clientele that your 3rd party marketing company work for, this gives them insight into what works and doesn't work across multiple industries. Finally marketing is just one major pillar to any business, for those who are starting out the extra hands are always welcome and those who are well established they need results to cover salaries and make profit, this can be best delivered through someone who only gets paid through results!

Below we will run through just a few of the reasons you could consider outsourcing your marketing. If it is something you’re interested in learning more about, or seeing how effective the results can be, contact our team


Although most would assume this to be the ultimate deciding factor, in our experience it rarely is an issue. You see, cost is subjective and once you drill deep into it, most customers see the major savings they can have by contracting someone like us instead of a full time marketing manager. Firstly there are the recruitment fees, 10% -15% of the offered salary. Then you have the employer liability insurance, then the extra costs associated with having more bodies at the office full time and finally the cost of training and upskilling.

With an outsourced team you pay only for what you get, if you only need 15-20 hours a week then that’s all you pay for. There’s no additional costs, no hidden fees and most importantly if you’re not happy with the results it’s much easier to part ways with an external company than a newly hired member of staff.


Having an internal team and adding a group like us too it for particular projects or making an outsourced team your primary resource can yield great results when you select the one that’s the best fit.

If you have your current team in place, they are all industry experts and produce a certain level of results, well that’s great. Now what if you added a bit of diversity to that group, Metrix Marketing and others like us work in various industries and can pick things that have worked in other industries and apply them to yours! Essentially our multi industry nature means we have seen what works across various segments and are not limited to one industry.

Our Reach

With the nature of our business we need to have relationships all across the industry, from event planners, printers, social experts etc.. This means that with us you’re more likely to get a better deal on necessary costs.

Imagine you need to sponsor an exhibition, or want to speak there. Well there are several things a company needs to do to make that event a success. Purchasing all those things individually or if it’s the first time doing it can be expensive, labour intensive and there is the possibility the event just isn’t the right fit for your growth plans.

We already have those relationships in place, resulting in booking discounts, better positions and a detailed understanding of how to get the most out of things like this from a return on investment point of view.

Marketing has become quite a highly skilled, diverse area and with the ever changing technological landscape and our thirst for more information it will only get more challenging. If you feel that your team could use a boost, or your looking to grow but don’t want to hire a full time team then get in touch with us, we’ll see if there’s something we can do to help

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