The Adaptation of the 5 A's into your Marketing Strategy

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically during the last ten years, with the advancement of technology and the ever increasing amount of options for customers, we as businesses need to adapt our strategy to stand out from the crowd and still meet their needs.

To do this, the first step for those who are not yet there is to embrace the online world, include it as part of your strategy and considering its importance in an overall revenue generating sense, it should carry a lot of importance.

For the majority of those who have successfully engaged in the online culture and are willing to or already have equipped themselves with the necessary skill sets to start opening new revenue methods and extracting more from your current ones you will need to link your online and offline strategies so they become uniform.

Our world has changed so much now that customers no longer come from one area or the other. We have passed the stage

Awareness (making your target audience aware of your site, and authentically communicating to them why they should care)

Acquisition (getting someone to your site – actually visit it!)

Activation (register, sign up, do something!)

Activity (engage, participate, contribute, buy something)

Advocacy* (get excited and tell someone about it!)

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