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What We Do

At Metrix our mission is to deliver consistent, measurable results fast. We aim to  either become your marketing team if you don't have one or add some horsepower to what's currently in place.

Outsourced Marketing
Web Design & SEO
Marketing Consulting
Digital Marketing

Who We're For

You Are a Start Up

You know great marketing and advertising is necessary and favor unique but usable websites and appreciate branding done well. You wish you had more time to focus on marketing for your own organization, but your plate is just too full. Your time is better suited to the product, let us assist with the sales and marketing.

Launching a New Product or Service

R&D and engineering have been amazing, you’re ready to go but what happens next. Just because you have something amazing doesn’t mean it will fly out the door. New product releases take a special blend of expertise, luckily it’s one we keep in our locker!

An SME looking to Grow

You are solid on your feet & have salaries to cover but you’re results are stagnating. There’s nothing wrong with this, happens all over the world. Consider getting us involved, our unique methods will give your revenues the injection they need and quite possibly add some new streams.

In need  of a Particular Skill

Your team are all great people, experts at what they do but you just need that extra bit of skill to really move your company to the next level. Whatever you’re missing, speak to us, we can advise on your best route forward and hopefully lend a helping hand.

Sales Operations Assessments

At Metrix we have worked with sales teams in Ireland, UK and North America to ensure that the return on investment in marketing and sales is at its peak. We work with companies to ensure there structures and processes are working at peak performance and that they are using their CRM systems efficiently.

Along with the operational aspects we can help build sales arsenals to deliver higher quality leads and most importantly give your team the highest possible probability to close sales with customers.

Do you how how much it costs you per quote? What is your optimal sales cycle length? Have your sales grown year on year?


If you don't know the answer to these questions above then get in touch and we can talk you through our assistance packages to get your business growing.