Sales Assessment Case Study

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Sales Assessment

“Thanks to the in-depth work carried out by Metrix Marketing our sales admin teams’ productivity has dramatically increased. The cost of quoting has been reduced and the win ratio is creeping up due to the assessments and recommendations provided. Metrix have helped us get the most out of our CRM and Sales Management system, the work carried out has drastically improved our reporting capability and we are now able to get a much clearer view of customer history along with a range of other information which allows us to generate accurate future forecasts and track our monthly progress, along with generating target lists and knowing when best to approach customers for repeat work.”

Roger O’Shea
Commercial and Operations Director

Metrix Marketing identified some deficiencies in Electro’s sales reporting structures and on closer inspection we found that there was room for improvement in the way quotes were delivered, how opportunities were logged and qualified.

Like many companies, Electro have focussed on providing high quality service to their customers while using top of the range products. Focusing on keeping the quality high and their constant pursuit of customer service excellence their sales management tools were becoming outdated and under used while staff in this area were forced to repeat tasks and sometimes work without the proper information. We at Metrix were able to identify areas where improvements could be made which have seen the following results:

  •        Increase quote output – weekly quoting numbers are now up

  •        Decrease in quoting and estimations time

  •        More accurate monthly reports, along with more accurate immediate status reports

  •        Detailed historical information, which was used very effectively in generating new sales leads

  •        More organised approach to project delivery through more detailed sales files

  •        A detailed sales cycle analysis can now be checked to see progress and win ratios

The improvements above have led to a more informed sales team which in turn has greater opportunities to close sales. We are delighted to have worked with Electro on this project and are thrilled with the outcome and their praise for the work carried out.



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