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Marketing Management

“Metrix has raised the bar in terms of marketing for our company, Metrix have been working with us at Electro since 2015 and are still currently under contract, we are delighted to have their senior marketing and sales strategist, Niall, with us as the work he has done has dramatically increased our presence in the industry, improved the professionalism of how we portray ourselves in the market and the strategies implemented have resulted in increased sales opportunities for our sales reps. “

Roger O’Shea

Commercial and Operations Director

Metrix have worked with Electro to change how the brand is interpreted in the market. Previously Electro would have been one of the largest names in their industry but, during the recession, like with all companies in the construction industry, the levels of customer service and quality were seen to decrease. Electro seen how this could affect their market position and quickly acted by appointing Metrix Marketing as their marketing arm.

Work involved the creation of a new company presence online through a state of the art website that doubles as a download centre for customers in the industry and a support mechanism for service customers.

The launch of a new brand image to improve how the brand is perceived in the market place. A brand update for a company this size is no small undertaking with Electro having over 100 staff and 35 vans, 1000’s of documents and 100’s of previously designed adverts and not to mention the countless number of quote templates, tender submission documents and pieces of equipment in the market.

Electro have embraced marketing for the last 30 years and were always ahead of the curve compared to their competitors, what they liked about us at Metrix was the core concept of what we offer – everything at Metrix is geared towards making our customers money. Electro understood that this can take time but seen the undeniable value in the various activities conducted for their sales reps, including presentation creation and delivery, a central online brochure library, countless digital solutions aimed at increasing time in front of target customers and numerous sales campaigns in the 5 different business areas they operate.



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