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How Can we Help?

  • Running your business but struggling to dedicate the time to your marketing?

  • Have a thriving business and want to keep your sales funnel full?

  • Looking to grow, enter a new market or launch a new product?


Organisations from small to large all need to promote their business to generate revenue. Regardless of the quality of the product or service without customer interest the chances of success are zero. In our modern world the noise and distractions in the market make it difficult to get your message across to your target customers.

Enter Metrix, our team of marketing, sales and technical professionals work with you to create an offering that gets you in front of your target customers. We become the marketing arm of your business, we can develop a new marketing and growth strategy to increase sales or to improve your brand reputation and awareness depending on your needs. Our team are measured on results, everything we do can be tracked and measured against a set of pre-defined KPI’s.

We take the hassle out of marketing, handling all the day to day activities along with all project targets and marketing goals. Dedicating a full time department to marketing can drain company resources if under performing. Remove the risk by contracting Metrix, watch as our team steadily grow the interest in your business and increase your revenues.