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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an area where most SME’s across Ireland lack the skill-set to really achieve what is possible.


At Metrix we advise on the best possible solution for your online presence, in some cases this can mean direct sales, for others it could be leaving an information bread trail leading back to a more traditional sale.

With over 68% of the consumer decision making process made before ever making contact with the seller in question can you really afford not to be making the most of this medium? Looking at this percentage and your current yearly sales total are you sure that the majority of potential customers are happy with the information they can find. Is it enough to gain their confidence and contact your team with the intention of purchasing?

Irish consumers spend €7.5 billion annually online, with that number set to almost double by 2021, this makes Ireland one of the fastest growing digital markets in the world. The major advantage of a digital footprint is that it makes cross border promotion and international sales a real low cost opportunity.

If this is something you think your business needs to purse then you should also consider that for certain SME’s there are digital grants available to ensure they have the opportunity to share in this digital pie. Don’t get left behind.


Web Design – From creating a simple elegant and user friendly site to managing the creation of a full scale corporate presence Metrix are your point of contact. We can work with your preferred suppliers, in house teams or on our own to create and grow a purpose built website.

E-Commerce – From online sales via a third party site like eBay, amazon, Facebook or via your own ecommerce platform our team will work to manage or advise on the best ways to increase sales while keeping costs low. Don’t fall into the early pitfalls many sellers face when starting off, contact us to get the jump on the competition.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, the ever illusive top spot on search engines. Although not easy, if you make it to the top listing you can be pretty much guaranteed for a dramatic lift in your company’s fortunes. Getting there is time consuming and almost impossible without the right skills and industry knowledge. Our team work to improve your presence online while also building towards that top spot. Advising on any additional opportunities for exposure along the way.

AdWords and Remarketing – Advertising online and targeted ads are a great way to keep your brand in front of consumers, it increases the time you spend at the top of search engine and social pages, giving you increased clicks and more web traffic. This service coinciding with a strong online presence works hand in hand to increase consumer confidence in your brand which translates as a higher percentage of inbound leads that are highly interested in purchasing your products or services.

Social Influence – Now most presume we mean Facebook posting, but it’s so much more than that. Latest studies show that self-endorsements carry no weight with customers anymore. Now customers rely on their peers for guidance on what to purchase. At Metrix we take social influence to the next level, working to generate the conversations about your brand online and then subversively steer the group towards the message you aim to send out. Giving your brand the image it wants and a never ending supply of endorsements from those closest to your customers.



Metrix were recommended to us by one of our coaches as a strong and honest marketing company who could provide a quality solution. We needed a cost-effective way to deliver information to our members along with event times. Metrix consulted with us and we agreed to go for a simple user friendly website, we are delighted with the results and the quality of the service provided by Metrix”

Ronan Kelly

Baldoyle Boxing Club Committee

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